31 January 2009

Our other blog ...

Our other blog is tigertimes69.blogspot.com

It's much more easy to search on the web than this title. Please go to
tigertimes69.blogspot.com for new updates on our 40th Reunion!

Hope to see you soon ... we'd so love to have EVERYONE attend!

Thanks and have a great Super Bowl Weekend!

17 January 2009


Thanks for visiting our new blog!

It's such a big year for us ... 40 years since we graduated from high school. It's really hard to believe, right?

Remember when :
  • We were so grown up when we started at Palmetto High in the 7th grade?
  • Miss Sierra patrolled the halls making sure our skirts weren't too short?
  • Girls had to wear those awful, wrinkled cotton gym suits?
  • Boys were sent home if their hair touched their collars?
  • We got in so much trouble for passing notes in class?
  • We graduated in 1969 and thought we were all grown up?
  • Gas was $.20 a gallon?
  • We couldn't wait to be on our own, go off to college, get a job, etc?
  • Things were simple and we thought we knew it all?
  • And sadly, we thought our parents knew nothing?
Amazing how things have changed in 40 years!

We've already lost some classmates, and some wonderful teachers (recently Jack Shoemake, one of my favorites). We've married, some of us have had children and grandchildren, we've moved away, moved back, lost many of our wonderful parents ... and yet, we're still here!

Remember what we thought of people who were forty years our senior when we graduated? Ancient! Over the Hill! Grandmas and grandpas who stayed at home and did nothing!

But not us ... we're still young ... just ask us!


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40 years ... wow! It hasn't been that long, has it? It seems like just yesterday! We're still so young ... right? Go, Tigers!